Free touring 2.0

Texture metamorphosis for Dynafit ski boots

Dynafit is the brand of the snow leopard
Dynafit is a brand created by athletes for athletes.
The items of the snow leopard brand combine the fascination of Made in Italy, quality and innovation, improving the experience of athletes and endurance mountain sports enthusiasts.
Hoji Free addresses the free touring and required a fresh and bold look. ML Engraving worked in co-design with Dynafit in order to define the texture and then engraved through its laser technology 36 half moulds.
Design of the morphing effect
Hoji free - the concept
Dynafit engaged ML Engraving to create the finishing of the shell of the Hoji Free free touring boot. The Brand had a clear idea for the guidelines: it was looking for a renewed look while maintaining the family feeling with the Hoji Line.
The proposed finishes meet a precise communicative intent and the adopted solutions make the whole harmonious and bold at the same time.
Soak up our D.R.E. Render of Hoji Free
The co-design development of the texture was a stimulating experience for both ML Engraving and Dynafit.
Dynafit designer's idea was to resume the hexagon texture, characteristic of Hoji collection, and to combine it with a second texture through morphing, a technique in which a texture transforms itself in another one with a real metamorphosis.
Hoji trademark was represented by the second texture which should express determination, agility and speed in the sliding movement typical of free touring. These traits have been condensed visually in snake scales.
A texture transforms itself in another one with a real metamorphosis
Innovating means offering more performing products for mountain lovers. 
Research and innovation
Dynafit's goal is constant improvement in order to offer athletes and enthusiasts ever more reliable and functional tools to enjoy what the brand calls “Mountopia” every day of the year. We appreciate this attention to the end user and share it.
We have especially appreciated the enthusiasm of the whole
ML Engraving team which took part in the project
 A.N. - Senior Designer Dynafit