Adell by Arper

Nature as an inspiration

Arper realizza arredi e complementi dal design versatile ed essenziale
Arper makes chairs and furniture accessories suitable for homes and corporate contexts. The design of Arper products focuses on dialog and is known for its elegance and ability to adapt to the spaces thanks to modular systems.
Arper contacted ML Engraving to develop the texture concept in collaboration with the Spanish firm Lievore + Altherr Désile Park. ML Engraving has also created the laser engraving of the molds both from the interior and exterior side.
Suggestione naturali tradotte in una texture superficiale a linee concentriche e irregolari​​​​​​
Random, noise, relation, material
ML Engraving interpreted the suggestions of the design studio Lievore + Altherr Désile Park, translating them into a surface structure with concentric lines, reminiscent of the irregular variegation of leaves. 
To make it more natural, the texture has been engraved in the internal and external part of the body. The final result is a design seat that maintains its own identity despite adapting to the various spaces.
Emerge yourself in the DRE Render of Adell’s shell
The concentric lines seem to be uniformly and regularly distributed. But actually there are twice as many lines engraved in the back than the seat.
ML Engraving chose this solution because its adds to the overall harmony of the design.
Adell is the result of an interpretation of space as a place for interacting, where the context defines and facilitates relations at the same time.
All of the elements, fixed or customizable, are inspired by the elegance and intrinsic harmony to the natural element.
They fit in both outdoor and indoor situations, in part thanks to the decision to use polypropylene as the main material: highly resistant, recyclable and easy to work.
Sustainability for Arper means opting for a more responsible use of plastic.
Sostenibilità e uso responsabile della plastica, valori condivisi da Arper e ML Engraving
ML Engraving shares and promotes this message: plastic is a versatile material and recyclable for the most part, it can be laminated thanks to a more aware use of it. Adell is actually made with polypropylene obtained from post-industrial scrap.
We got along with the ML Engraving creative team right from the start and this was determinant for the success of the project
S.B. - R&D Project Manager Arper